[n]fibrecare -  Dry Sheet Nanofibre Mask
[n]fibrecare - Dry Sheet Nanofibre Mask

The very first

Dry Sheet Nanofibre Mask

Imagine an unlimited palette of ingredients and effective nanofibre delivery system to answer all of your specific skin needs. Introducing the mess-free, highly effective, 8 minute daily regimen for glowing, fabulous-looking skin.

What is [n]fibrecare all about?

  • Mess-free solution: Dry, ultra light and silky smooth mask – say goodbye to cold and dripping sheet masks!
  • Science meets beauty: Innovative nanofibre delivery system combined with proven and potent active molecules. That’s what we call a perfect match!
  • Gentle formulation: We know your skin is delicate. That’s why our masks don’t contain any unnecessary additives or fragrances.
[n]fibrecare - Dry Sheet Nanofibre Mask

More than a dry sheet mask…

Unlike wet masks, you don’t have to deal with dripping or messiness. Do you have a sensitive skin? Relax, we made sure our mask does not contain any preservatives, colorings or perfumes. On top of it, our mask only needs 8 minutes to work its magic.  No need to worry about the environmental impact of using them either – our masks are 100% biodegradable.

[n]fibrecare - Dry Sheet Nanofibre Mask

The unique

Nanofibre Delivery System…

Because everybody is tired of masks that don’t work. Nanofibers are able to release more active substances per square centimeter than any material currently in use.Thanks to the patented nanofiber delivery system, our mask allows the skin to use and absorb 100% of the active ingredients. No waste and better results.

[n]fibrecare - Dry Sheet Nanofibre Mask

Custom-made face mask.

As unique as you are…

Most skincare products out there rarely combine more than a couple of active substances. Nanofibers are able to hold several pre-chosen substances to meet the demands of your skin. Apart of the ready-to-go masks we are launching in April 2018 on Kickstarter, our dream is to get everyone a made-to-order mask that knows exactly what your skin needs.


“It looks like my pores shrunk after just one use!”


“I used this mask after a party and it was almost a miracle. Great after a long night of fun!”


“My skin feels less dry and seems to have a glow after using the Rejuvenating mask.”


The mask makes my skin feel firmer and I don’t look tired anymore.”


“My skin is sensitive and I am allergic to almost anything, but the mask is super gentle and I’ve never had a problem.”


Nanopharma company

Nanopharma is a young tech company dedicated to introducing nanofiber technologies to the healthcare and cosmetic markets. We are passionate about innovation and using material engineering on the smallest scale to make an impact on patients´ and consumers´ daily lives. We are Lily and Lucy – beauty enthusiasts, scientists and busy working professionals. Together with our team, we are here to introduce your skin care routine to the amazing effects of our dry sheet masks.

[n]fibrecare - Dry Sheet Nanofibre Mask


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